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Datanet Webinar: Work scenarios for increasing applications’ performance and simplifying IT operations with Cisco SD-WAN

The modernization of WAN infrastructures has become an inevitable evolution in the enterprise environment. The change is driven by the growing number of applications that require high bandwidths and low latencies, the widespread adoption of cloud services, and the need for advanced network security features. Reaching these results in traditional WAN infrastructures – when possible – requires consistent effort and high operational costs. In addition, it increases the complexity of the infrastructure operated, making it difficult to detect and remediate problems.


In order to support the companies that are confronting with the limitations of traditional WANs, Datanet Systems recently hosted a webinar on “Simplifying IT operations and improving application performance with Cisco SD-WAN,” during which presented the main work scenarios through which the Cisco solution SD-WAN can provide:

  • doubling the available bandwidth;
  • 45% optimization of application latency;
  • decrease of up to 33% in operating costs;
  • 65% reduction in connectivity costs
  • 94% reduction in unplanned downtime risks.


Cisco SD-WAN solution’s advantages 


Octavian Szolga, Senior Network Engineer at Datanet, presented concrete examples the solution’s attributes:

  • Cisco SD-WAN ensures from the start that the performance requirements of the applications used are met – they can be automatically distributed over certain types of connections, depending on the level of availability and the loading of traffic on those links, application SLAs and quality to be respected etc.
  • The solution integrates advanced security features. For example, it simplifies network segmentation processes, each specific network being end-to-end isolated, which is difficult to achieve in traditional WANs and requires a lot of technical work and advanced networking skills.
  • Cisco SD-WAN is natively optimized for cloud applications – the solution can be configured to automatically use DIA (Direct Internet Access) connections for services such as Microsoft 365, DropBox, etc., while the rest of the traffic can be routed through the Data Center, providing an optimal level of protection and the best possible end-user experience.
  • The solution simplifies IT operations – Cisco SD-WAN allows equipment monitoring and configuration changes to be performed centrally, with no manual intervention required on each device.
  • Cisco SD-WAN reduces connectivity costs – the solution facilitates the secure use of local Internet access connections, as well as their optimal use with MPLS VPN links.


Common Cisco SD-WAN applications for Enterprise organizations


The Datanet specialist detailed in the webinar a series of work scenarios through which the Cisco SD-WAN solution meets common requirements for Enterprise organizations, such as:

  • Distribution of application traffic according to the performance level of network connections;
  • Obtaining a higher bandwidth;
  • Ensuring security at the local level, by inspecting and filtering traffic between locations;
  • Providing security services per VPN;
  • Automatically identify and assign the optimal DIA connection for accessing applications delivered from the Cloud.

The Cisco SD-WAN webinar hosted by Datanet Systems also included a demonstration presenting live the quick and easy way to set up and add a VPN service to multiple network devices. “Through the unique management console – vManage – it is no longer necessary to manually intervene on each device, the changes can be made and pushed on several devices simultaneously depending on the requirements. For example, initially, we can change the configurations on 10 devices, for testing, then, after adjusting and validating them, we can make the change in bulk, no matter how many devices are enrolled in vManage“, stated Octavian Szolga.


The Cisco SD-WAN solution work scenarios and demo can be viewed below:



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