Dec. 2019


Do you feel threatened by the avalanche of cyber-attacks that you read all over the media? Do you have the technical skills and budget necessary to handle these issues internally? Security Infrastructure as a Service is a business model where you have access to both the top technologies and the know-how necessary to protect your business, based on a subscription, without initial investments in equipment and licenses.

Datanet Systems, one of the most reputable integrators of IT systems in Romania, launched in December 2019 its portfolio of complete cyber security infrastructure services. The three available service packages (Basic, Advanced and Premium) integrate the best performing solutions in the Cisco and F5 portfolio and the extensive experience of a team of certified professionals. The offer includes design, installation, commissioning as well as technical support, reconfigurations, updates, monitoring and also covers the most diversified requirements, regardless of the field of activity or complexity of the organization.


Access now details about Datanet Systems’ offer of Security Infrastructure as a Service


According to a (the National Center for Response to Computer Security Incidents) report from 2018, 33.71% of the total registered IPs in Romania were exposed to various forms of cyber-attacks. Moreover, out of the approximately 138 million security alerts processed at the level of one year, only about 10.32% (ie over 14 million alerts) showed compromised computer systems, ie where hackers managed to install malware and exploit or corrupt the data found. This situation rejects the hypothesis stating that Romania is a market less targeted by cybercrime, the economy being dominated by small and medium-sized companies with limited financial resources and few data that could be exploited financially.

Until recently, cyber security was seen as an area that had to be managed and controlled internally and only large companies could afford to invest in advanced technologies and qualified personnel. As the report confirms, in recent years, hackers have started to attack mainly medium and medium-sized companies, precisely because they lack a higher level of protection and rely exclusively on a firewall and an antivirus solution. However, Security Infrastructure as a Service offers any organization in Romania access to high-performance solutions of technological leaders such as Cisco and F5 and, above all, a higher level of expertise for managing IT Security products, such as that provided by Datanet Systems.


What are the benefits of a Security as a Service contract?


  • Reducing risks and security incidents. The services are based on the best performing technologies on the market and the best practices in the industry, which guarantees compliance with legal IT security requirements and industry standards, including GDPR. The main objective is to protect confidential data and minimize the risk of data loss / theft.
  • Reducing costs and predictability of expenses. The Security as a Service offer from Datanet Systems follows the cloud model. The services are paid as a monthly subscription, according to the company’s needs, without initial investments in equipment and licenses.
  • Access to qualified personnel and the latest security technologies. Cyber security experts are hard to find and expensive to hire. Their formation is a long term process and implies a continuous learning process in order to be informed about the market’s Additionally, the latest security technologies need experts for implementation, configuration and monitoring.
  • Permanent updates of the security system. Cybercrime is an extremely dynamic field. Thousands of new threats appear every day and new vulnerabilities are constantly A system that was safe yesterday, tomorrow may present a major risk.
  • Restoring the functioning of IT security products based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Because there is no system 100% safe, the ability to respond to incidents is important. But many companies find out too late that they were the target of an attack. An expert team can stop the spread of damage in a timely manner.
  • Business stability and continuity. If you have a team of experts who ensure your IT security, you can focus your attention and efforts on what matters to your organization. Technology should be a catalyst for business and not an extra concern. The IT department will have the time to manage business applications and find efficient solutions at operational level, so you can peacefully grow your business.

How much should you invest in IT security in order to have the necessary protection for the organization you are a part of? There is no simple answer as each organization has its own needs, depending on the field of activity, nature of the data they manage, complexity of its activity and number of employees.

To make your choice easier, Datanet Systems has prepared three Security Infrastructure as a Service packages: Basic, Advanced and Premium. They respond to the most common scenarios, from a standard level of security required by any organization (private or public) to complex architectures (including Security Operation Center – SOC services) dedicated to critical infrastructure companies.

Access now details about Datanet Systems offer of Security Infrastructure as a Service


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