Cisco Intersight is a product for managing distributed physical and virtual infrastructures that helps simplify the installation, configuration, management, and maintenance processes in hybrid environments. Datanet, a Cisco Gold Partner, provides you with the services you need to integrate Intersight with Cisco (or third-party) equipment, as well as to use intelligent automation options and advanced Kubernetes cluster management capabilities.

In recent years, companies are facing a growing demand for the deployment of applications in distributed environments. According to IDC, 90% of companies currently use a “combination” between their own infrastructure and the Public Cloud, and, in about two years, it is estimated that half of the applications will run in containers, located in hybrid environments. These changes will enforce infrastructures in becoming more complex and more distributed, developments which companies will be able to effectively manage with the help of next-generation management systems, such as AIOps.


According to the “Product Sheet” defined by Gartner specialists, such solutions:

  • Use telemetry data to deliver real-time visibility, as well as actionable information;
  • Combine smart functionalities with automation to streamline management processes;
  • Use Cloud services to ensure an extended integration.

Cisco Intersight, the first dedicated solution

Cisco Intersight meets all the above-mentioned requirements, being the industry’s first cloud-based management system for hyper-converged servers and infrastructure. Officially launched in 2017, the Cloud platform has constantly evolved, currently ensuring the optimization of distributed physical and virtual infrastructure management operations, by simplifying and automating the installation, configuration, management, and maintenance processes. At the same time, with the help of Machine Learning algorithms, Intersight provides proactive support and actionable recommendations, thus improving the efficiency of ITOps departments.

The main benefits provided by the Cisco platform, at the operational level, are:

  • Reducing the complexity of physical and virtual infrastructure management processes;
  • Simplification of the monitoring and management processes of the distributed architectures, respectively of the infrastructures operated by organizations with multiple branches or subsidiaries;
  • Automation of routine activities and manual installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrade processes for all equipment connected at Intersight;
  • Advanced and proactive support through integration with Cisco Technical Assistance Centers (TACs);
  • Predictive analyzes, actionable solutions, hardware compatibility alerts, etc. delivered via the integrated referral engine;
  • Multiple delivery options (as-a-Service, but also on-premises), as well as licensing.

How Intersight works

In order to ensure all these benefits, Intersight monitors the status and interdependence between the physical and virtual infrastructure components that are connected to the platform. To do this, the platform securely collects and stores the beneficiary’s telemetry data and configuration information (which can be viewed via an intuitive interface).

Intersight collects in real-time data from all its customers, respectively from hundreds of thousands of connected devices, running in various environments. The information is correlated, aggregated, and analyzed, and, with the help of Cloud AI technologies and best practice models developed by Cisco, the platform learns and develops.

Thus, the Machine Learning algorithms create and validate specific models, which allow quick detection of issues. The platform uses these smart features in conjunction with the Cisco TAC database, helping to prevent issues and to ensure a higher level of proactive support. The information is synthesized and provided through the referral engine, which provides the actionable form.

By combining the monitoring data with the solutions recommended by the platform and the proactive support, companies will receive the following business benefits:

  • Increasing the efficiency, availability, and security of infrastructure;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Scalability and flexibility in hybrid infrastructure management.

Practical applications in real situations

As an example, with Intersight you will able to create and associate configuration templates for automatically provisioning servers and associated storage equipment. Using the created profiles, the IT departments can simplify the installation and configuration of servers, improving their productivity and reducing the risk of unplanned downtime or compatibility issues.

Also, Intersight Orchestrator, which comes with a preconfigured task library, and Workflow Designer, which has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, make it easy to create custom workflows based on business process needs. Companies can expand the capabilities of the platform by opting for the Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer that provides real-time visibility into infrastructure and applications running in hybrid environments and allows for optimized resource allocation and cost reduction. Also with upgrades, companies can simplify the allocation and running of containerized workloads – both in on-premises infrastructures and in public cloud environments – using Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service. The module automates container life cycle management in Kubernetes clusters and provides developers with Self-service options, thus helping to increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Multiple licensing options

For companies for which the as-a-Service model is not a viable option, due to the security restrictions they have to comply with, Cisco also offers the platform in a Virtual Appliance version, which can be run in its own infrastructures. With the Intersight Virtual Appliance, you benefit from flexibility and scalability similar to using the Cloud platform, as well as all the optimizations and new features brought by Cisco. Updates can be automatically installed, in the allocated time windows, thus eliminating the risk of decreased infrastructure performance. This results in a reduction in the load of the IT department and in accordance with compliance requirements (in terms of updates, application of patches, etc.).

Also, there are various licensing options:

  • Essentials – include standard Intersight capabilities, policy-based configuration options for Cisco UCS servers, and hyper-converged systems Cisco HyperFlex , as well as simple Kubernetes cluster management and monitoring features;
  • Advantage – which, in addition to the Essentials offer, includes support for storage equipment and inventory of virtual machines, as well as advanced Kubernetes functionalities (backup, restore, bridge auto-scaling, etc.);
  • Premier – which, in addition to the Advantage offer, includes a Cisco UCS Director subscription, as well as advanced features in the VM storage and orchestration area.

Services offered by Datanet

Datanet Systems, a Cisco Gold partner, with the largest team of certified specialists in Romania, will support you in:

  • Integrating Intersight with owned Cisco products, as well as with systems and equipment from other vendors, through OpenAPI, to automate infrastructure. (The platform provides native support for the management of UCS servers, HyperFlex systems, and other Cisco equipment, as well as products from other vendors – such as ServiceNow, VMware, Pure Storage, etc.)
  • Defining the configuration policies by equipment categories with which to automate installations, which can range from the actual configuration of equipment and the installation of operating systems, to the management of Kubernetes clusters;
  • Creating and customizing new workflows and orchestrate existing ones;
  • Defining specific policies for optimizing workloads and allocating resources;
  • Installing, integrating, and configuring the Intersight Virtual Appliance and determining what data can the solution send to Cisco in order to benefit from proactive support and actionable recommendations;
  • Selecting the right license for your business needs and infrastructure requirements.

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