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The call for a solution designed to improve the medical care quality 


In order to permanently improve the medical care quality, Datanet Systems created and developed a unique telemedicine solution through the singularity of the designed architecture.

The need for this solution appeared as a result of multiple critical situations which the doctors from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit have to deal with. On one hand, it is about their need of having advanced means of communication which allow them fast consultation in conditions of guaranteed quality of transmission – of specialized physicians who either are not in the hospital or in the country, in a specific case.


Technical characteristic of Datanet Telemedicine solution:


  • The solution gives medics access to fast consultations, even if they are not in the hospital, outside town or out of the country.
  • The solution can indicate the presence and availability of the hospital staff – doctors, specialists.
  • It channels real time, monitoring data and live images of the patient.
  • Allows access to specific medical documents;
  • It is easy to connect with various medical equipment – radiology, ultrasound, etc. and read the information transmitted by them.
  • It provides permanent video surveillance of patients.
  • Allows the medical supervision and implementation of remotely interventions, in real time. Continuously monitors the work of medical staff.
  • It provides online access to the video surveillance system for the relatives of patients, for predetermined time intervals, for limited periods.

The benefits of the telemedicine solution provided by Datanet Systems are detailed in the following page:




Multi-tactile screen with an elegant design, offering users a performant interface.


It is flexible and offers the administrators the posibility to limit the characteristics set of the main collaboration ones or to add different functions activated by the operating system.


It has advanced technological capabilities that allow live streaming of real time images by connection to specific equipment, depending on client’s needs.


It allows accelerated migration by evaluating the network’s availability to sustain the system and by developing a sound design.


The solution provides HD video, unified communications functions,a laptop screen and extensive capabilities use


The solution proposes a new telepresence mobile system that offers the possibility to give virtual consultation, thus, optimizing the time spent by doctors in patients’ rooms.


A location specially designed to monitor patients rooms, equiped with a computer with one or more screens, where it runs an applictaion that can manage all video images.


For further study, you can download a free detailed presentation of the solution. Complete your contact details in the form below and click the button “DOWNLOAD BROCHURE”

Client’s main benefits:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information between healthcare professionals;
  • Simplification of routine operations;
  • Increase the efficiency of medical care;
  • Rapid investigation of incidents and fast intervention with a direct effect in reducing morbidity and mortality;
  • Improved measures to prevent medical errors.

Operational benefits:

  • Easy and quick to implement, according to hospital specific conditions;
  • Easy to use, without requiring support from IT staff or advanced technical knowledge;
  • Scalable, with an easy process of adding and removing users;
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device (tablets and / or smartphones) and workstations (laptops and / or desktops);
  • Safe and reliable, offering guaranteed availability and quality conditions and services backed by 24/7 support, 365 days.

Technical description:

  • The Telemedicine solution developed by Datanet is based on the latest Cisco Unified Communications architecture
  • Integrates Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Telepresence Server, allowing audio-video hosting conferences with several participants.
  • The solution integrates Cisco HD terminal touch screen, HD cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity, equipped with motion sensors and optimized for recording at night.
  • Each site is monitored using video and audio system with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, which stores audio-video recordings, users having a permanent access to live or archived images. The system may include a telepresence carriage that can move autonomously to record and store images for video-audio streaming and can be connected with medical equipment.

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