The media announces new cases of fraudulent companies every day, millions paid as compensation and gigabytes of stolen confidential data. Protection is becoming increasingly difficult as IT infrastructure is distributed among the on-premises data centers and multiple cloud providers. Cisco Tetration is a solution designed for current security requirements and a bridge between these two worlds.

In 2020, the percentage of companies implementing a multi-Cloud strategy reached 93% (according to the “State of the Cloud Report“). The expansion of cloud adoption in the enterprise environment is already visible in the increasing level of interconnection between Data Center infrastructure and platform suppliers. But there is also a downside to the medal – all these developments generate specific security challenges. Companies are already aware of them, and according to Gartner, in 2020 the highest growth rate of IT security spending is in cloud security.



The need for multi-cloud security 


To ensure the consistent protection of the “two worlds”, Datanet recommends the Cisco Tetration platform. The main reason: Tetration is not a product “adapted” to market trends, but one specially designed to meet current security needs. The approach provides a number of solid competitive advantages, with the Cisco solution enabling you to:

  • Define and enforce unitary security policies. Cisco Tetration allows you to create and implement policies tailored to how applications communicate with each other and taking into account existing interdependencies. The platform permanently collects, correlates, and analyzes data from network equipment and servers, ensuring visibility and control, as well as a short response time when an anomaly or potential risk is detected. (HERE you can find more information about how Tetration collects and processes over one million unique data streams per second.)
  • Validate the rules before you actually apply them. With Cisco Tetration, you can model and test security rules and policies before implementing them, validating them in real-time, or using historical data sets. The result – reduced operational effort and the risk of implementing inadequate rules.
  • Create micro-segmentations. Micro-level segmentation allows control over how applications communicate in both their own Data Center infrastructure and in the Cloud. Datanet specialists can help you customize your platform so that it can self-generate segmentation policies based on application behavior.
  • Detect software vulnerabilities and protect vulnerable systems. Rapidly perform an inventory of servers with vulnerable applications and apply policies to protect those applications, for example by quarantining them until the necessary software fixes are applied.
  • Develop Zero-trust strategies. You can thus implement a strategy by which any user, equipment, application, or service is considered, from the outset, potentially hostile and/or compromised, and therefore needs to be verified when launching an access request. (More details about this approach to security, especially useful in the current context, can be found HERE).

The advantages of working with Datanet 


Cisco Tetration continuously collects, correlates, and analyzes millions of data. With our help, you can turn them into actionable information, which will ensure the protection you want.

For example, using the collected meta-data, we can establish specific micro-segmentation rules on application types, workloads, and even ports. We can also provide support services that allow you to quickly adapt policies to business changes and/or requirements to comply with applicable standards.

Another important area where Datanet can help you is integration. Our specialists can integrate the Tetration platform with an extensive suite of Cisco solutions (ISE, ACI, AnyConnect, Duo, SD-Access, AMP, Stealthwatch, etc.), F5, Citrix, with firewall equipment and SIEM systems.

This allows you to make the most of your current security investments and increase your organization’s level of protection. Together with Datanet, you have the guarantee that these benefits will materialize quickly, because:

  • we are one of the main system integrators in Romania – we have national level capacities  for delivery, implementation, configuration, commissioning and provision of complete maintenance and support services;
  • we have the largest team of specialists with advanced certifications in Cisco technologies;
  • we have numerous security projects implemented in various critical industries and infrastructures.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of the benefits of the Cisco Tetration solution within your company, as well as details about the technical and commercial offer of Datanet Systems, contact us.