Infosim StableNet, a solution that simplifies network monitoring

Human errors and configuration errors cause 80% of the problems that affect the operation of a data network (according to an ITIC study). IT administrators have, among other tasks, the role of ensuring good operational continuity, so they must quickly fix all these problems. However, they need a platform to ensure the controlled application of the correct equipment configurations and to periodically check the proper functioning of the network. A platform that identifies malfunctions and quickly alerts to causes will radically improve the quality of the data network and simplify the work of administrators.



Monitoring the data network and identifying the causes of failures is a difficult task when:

  • several non-integrated solutions are used for network monitoring, problem detection, performance analysis, etc .;
  • the level of heterogeneity and complexity of the network is increased;
  • the architecture is geographically distributed, integrating separate subnets.

To overcome this accumulation of challenges, Datanet specialists suggest you to use the Infosim StableNet solution. Our recommendation is based on three categories of arguments:

1. Competitive advantages of Infosim StableNet

  • Integrating multiple tools into a single scalable solution. StableNet integrates tools for inventory and network monitoring, configuration management, error detection and performance analysis. The solution has a modular structure, allowing companies to gradually increase its coverage;
  • “Agnostic vendor” approach. Unlike other solutions, Infosim StableNet can monitor any type of equipment, regardless of interfaces, standards and telemetry data formats;
  • Correlation of performance issues with the configuration management component. StableNet automatically checks equipment configurations, and when it detects a problem, signals whether it can be fixed by modifying them. (Through CMDB, the solution automatically backs up each configuration version and restores it “on demand”);
  • Quick identification of network problems. StableNet correlates the dependency rules between the different elements of the network with its topology and the detected performance problems, automatically performing the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes;
  • Simplicity in installation and use. StableNet delivers, in its basic configuration, an extensive set of standard functionalities, which can be used after implementation and a brief configuration. At the same time, the extension of the coverage area does not involve modifying the initial implementation, but the installation of new agents and/or the use of SNEA equipment – StableNet Embedded Agent is a “Black box” type equipment, which is installed “Plug & Play” and is centrally managed.
  • Flexible licensing model. The “License per-measurement” system allows the dynamic modification of the monitored data types.

2. The benefits of a network monitoring solution

With Infosim StableNet, administrators use a single solution to perform network monitoring and troubleshooting processes. The immediate benefits are extended visibility and increased reaction speed, both of which contribute to increased operational efficiency.

On the other hand, by integrating several tools into a single solution, acquisition costs are low and the integration effort is eliminated. At the same time, the existing automation elements ensure the reduction of the operational effort, resulting in a reduced TCO and the rapid amortization of the investment. The modular structure of the solution also contributes to this, as well as the “per-measurement” licensing that allows adaptation to various work scenarios.


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3. Datanet service offer

Datanet has been, for over 8 years, one of the most active Infosim partners in Romania, with several projects carried out in the enterprise environment and among service providers. Thus we have the skills and also experience to help you implement the StableNet solution through a wide range of services:

  • Consulting in choosing the solution modules according to the needs of your company;
  • Installation and configuration of SNEA equipment for centralized network monitoring, from work points, for example, and even for remote interventions;
  • Establishing the types of measurements used to monitor the network and reduce licensing costs. We can create specific filters to select the necessary data, if the equipment does not use the usual protocols (SNMP, Syslog) we develop specific scripts for its query;
  • Integrations with other proprietary solutions (Event Management, CMDB, etc.);
  • License revaluation – if certain categories of parameters are not relevant, licenses can be dynamically reallocated to monitor other categories of data;
  • Defining configuration models according to network requirements and business needs, defining templates based on which the solution automatically checks equipment configurations;
  • Create personalized alerts and dashboards to facilitate rapid problem detection and adopt a proactive intervention strategy.

By using Datanet specialists and services, you benefit from our experience in Infosim solutions, as well as the skills of an integrator with multi-vendor skills. In addition, we offer operational coverage at a national level. For technical and commercial details, contact us at la