Datanet and ZOOM help you increase the profitability of your customers
oct. 2019


In modern marketing there is a major difference between a satisfied and a loyal customer, but many companies find it difficult to distinguish between the two categories. This affects the potential for growth and “conversion” of customers into promoters. To help them overcome these challenges, Datanet Systems recently organized, in collaboration with ZOOM International, a seminar dedicated to presenting the most effective methods and solutions to improve the quality of customer interaction.

ZOOM Customer Experience solutions – an area in which the company has been a market leader for many years – are designed to collect all the customer interactions (web pages visited, emails, audio or video calls, questionnaires, chat conversations etc.) and correlate them in a platform that integrates analysis tools. For example, with the help of the ZOOM Quality Management solution, the managers of a Call/Contact Center have real-time information about agents’ performance levels, evaluated by standardized methods, and can thus determine what are the necessary measures to improve their skills and competences (personalized training, e-Learning etc.)

The information on agents’ performance quality is also correlated with customer feedback, obtained with the help of ZOOM Voice of the Client solution, which ensures collection and analysis of the clients’ opinions on the interaction with agents, services, products etc. The solution allows the use of a wide range of methodologies – such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – and the rapid creation of “Customer survey” questionnaires, without the support of the technical department.

For example, with the help of ZOOM solution, an NPS survey with pre-defined questions can be launched in just a few minutes, and the score for each agent, team or the entire Contact Center is delivered through the ZOOM Performance Analytics platform. ZPA correlates and analyzes both data from customers (their history, feedback, etc.), as well as those from the quality management system but also other specific performance indicators, and the results are provided through pre-defined reports and dashboards. . ZOOM’s Cloud based platform, which can be used in less than 24 hours, ensures the visualization of the interactions’ quality level and the rapid identification of problematic areas, through automatic reports or on-demand analyzes. The entire ZOOM suite of solutions is designed to ensure compliance with the latest data protection regulations (GDPR, MIFID II, PCI-DSS, etc.).

During the workshop organized by Datanet Systems, the representatives of ZOOM International presented the case study of of a Czech insurance company Contact Center that adopted the Quality Management solution to integrate and analyze data from several sources. Previously, quality monitoring information was collected separately, which meant that its interpretation and reporting required a long time, reducing the efficiency of the decision-making process. At the same time, the company also encountered problems when correlating several categories of data – such as, for example, the duration of calls with a team’s skill level-, which made it difficult to correctly identify the existing problems. By implementing the ZOOM solution, the Contact Center’s management can now have complete and real-time visibility on customer-agent interactions – from the agent’s screen during the call, to its content and post-call activities – and benefit from analytics and advanced assessment tools. The solution ensures a rapid identification of both procedural problems and those specific to each agent / team, as well as of the appropriate measures to remedy them.

For their part, Datanet specialists detailed how ZOOM solutions are used in one of the most important financial groups in Romania. The Contact Center project implemented by Datanet Systems 9 years ago has expanded steadily, both in terms of area, number of users / agents and customers covered simultaneously, as well as from a technological point of view. Thus, from 2 ZOOM servers (for the CallRec solution needed to record conversations) in 2010, a year later, 4 servers were reached, and by 2015, they already had 10 servers to meet the requirements of the newly integrated CallRec functionalities, as well as implementation of Quality Management solution. (You can read more about the benefits of the ZOOM CallRec solution HERE)

Currently, ZOOM solution infrastructure implemented by Datanet within the financial-banking institution has reached 12 servers (arranged in 6 HA clusters in 6 different locations). As part of this project, Datanet’s team of specialists has leveraged both their skills and experience in the field of ZOOM technologies – the company has the most implementations in the market – as well as the multi-vendor skills of system integrator.

The seminar organized by Datanet Systems in collaboration with ZOOM International continues the series of events dedicated to Call / Contact Center professionals and aimed organizations interested to improve the efficiency and quality of thier interaction with final customers.

Datanet Systems, the main integrator of ZOOM solutions in Romania, thanks the companies that have accepted the invitation to participate at this event.